This is the question that is being asked and asked often. Do pheromone really attract women? The answer is yes. My experiences with using certain types of pheromone colognes have given me a much better understanding of the aspect of attraction and how women react to me when I wear a pheromone cologne on my body. He intrigues of increase desire and attraction has made pheromones products pheromones on that has really made an impact on the dating and social scenes.

Different Types of Pheromones

The different types of pheromones that I won consist of Chikara, Max Attraction, Primal Instinct among others. I wanted to see the difference in the pheromone products as I go out at night and see the reaction of women around me.

The only way to know for sure if pheromones will work for you is to actually experience them first hand. I particularly like pheromones that come in the form of fragrances because I like the scent that comes with it. Although, there is also unscented pheromone version that can also come in the form of a spray or oil based solution. Applied to the pulse point and you create a winning combination to attract women most successfully. Learn more at

Pheromones for Dating and Women

Especially if you are on a date or are trying to enhance your current relationship or marriage. It works well either way. If I had the time to count the many great reactions that I get from women I could possibly be here all day. So, you will have to take my word on it that pheromones really do attract women.

If you are a man and are worried about impressing women because of your looks or lack of confidence that you are among many that feel the same way in this world. That lack of confidence when deciphering to talk to a woman will get you know where because women feed off the confidence in a man. Remember that.

Pheromone can increase your confidence and allow women to open up to you in ways that would have been different otherwise. Don’t get caught in a predicament in your life that you cannot face the reality of finding a good woman for yourself because they are out there. That is why the enhancing effects of human pheromone products have helped me create a reality of women that are more attracted to me. I’m sure the same could be said for you as well. The night brings many wonders and fantasies to create inhibitions of desire among many women with the use of pheromone cologne.

Alfa Maschio Pheromone Review

I couldn’t find any like formal scientific proof that Athena pheromones work. While the study shows that Athena pheromones work I just can’t see it actually working myself. I think there’s gotta be something more to it and she won’t release any of the ingredients.