First dates are always special. It may either be your best date or your worst date. But it will definitely be a memorable one. It is very difficult to predict whether you will find the perfect person after the first date or not. But giving a try is worth it. You may end up having a very good relationship or at the least, you will get to learn something after your date.

If you are going for a date for the first time, it is likely that you would not be able to know if the other person is perfect for you. Don’t worry; we are here to tell you exactly how you would be able to know if the other person is perfect for you after the first date.

Natural Talk

During your date, you can talk naturally. It does not look like you are trying hard to make a conversation. You are comfortable while talking with the other person, and at the same time, you also make the other person comfortable. If the other person is perfect for you, you will not feel that you are being judged for your opinions. You can speak your mind freely.  Partnersuche is a place where you can find your perfect partner.


If the conversation does not end or if it looks like you two can go on talking with each other for hours, then you can expect that the other person is perfect for you considering he/she fills the other criteria too.

Best Friends

Not everything can be shared with your family members. Only the ears of your best friend could help. If you end up telling your secrets to him/her, then the other person might just be the perfect one. You will have no problem in telling the things that you have not shared with anyone. You will feel as though the other person would not judge you.

More often than not you will end up having deep conversations with your date. You will not be ashamed to open up yourself.

No track of the surroundings and the time

You will not have a track of your surroundings or the time. Time will start to look irrelevant to you. You will be completely engrossed in the conversation. You will even forget to take a look at your cell phones, which you keep on doing every day and every minute. You will just feel that you have met a close friend after a very long time and you will not like to let go of the moment.


If you feel that you ended up doing these things at your date, you can be sure that you have found your perfect partner. You two will be more of best friends. Carefully notice if you are doing the above things in your date. If you do, then you can certainly go on and have a relationship with the other person.